When Zero-Trust IAM Drives Business Performance 

Like most IT experts, CISOs and CIOs, you struggle with cybersecurity talents, skills, budgets and operations? You have to improve your cyber security posture. There is a direct impact between secure access and business performance: if workforces are immediately connected to their applications in full trust, the business operates with much more efficiency.

And what if, as recommended by IT analysts, Identity and Access Management (IAM) and Privileged Access Management (PAM) solutions came together in a single platform, to ensure CISOs and CIOs that Zero Trust security policies are defined and enforced as expected? This is the promise delivered by cyberelements.io !

Simon Mofatt (IT Analyst and CEO at The Cyber Hut) and Jonathan Fussner (Head of cyberelements)  came together to discuss:


The journey to modern Zero Trust IAM platform

and how it drives both business performance and security


Learn in this replay, how with cyberelements.io any business can set up a secure access for all its business and privileged users within a few minutes, so that they can access their IT or OT systems within seconds, applying the Zero Trust paradigm, considering identity and context as the new security perimeter.



Simon Moffatt

IT Analyst & CEO @ The Cyber Hut

Simon is a published author and contributor to identity standards at the likes of NIST and the IETF. He has 20+ years of experience in the identity and access management sector, working for startups, global software companies, consultancies and within industry. His long running research is focused on next generation authorization, identity threat detection and emerging authentication techniques.


Jonathan Fussner

Global Head @ cyberelements

Jonathan has over 15 years of experience in IT leadership roles - providing commercial and technical guidance to software vendors and IT companies. He is Executive Board Member at Systancia (the global system integration organization behind cyberelements). He now leads the initiative at Cyberelements, looking to deliver zero-trust enabled identity in the cloud and at scale.

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